River Rock Flowerbed Project in Chattanooga

Ray Lawns recently got a request for service from a family that wanted river rock put in their flower beds. They also needed help with trimming up bushes, pulling weeds, and pruning trees. We were happy to meet with them and made a plan for this project.


This is how the back yard looked before we finished the River Rock project


Getting Started with the River Rock Project in Chattanooga

The first step in organizing a big project like this is measuring the dimensions. We used a big tape measurer that can be reeled into a roll. After measuring the flower beds, we worked out how much river rock we needed to order. We measured an area that was about 900 square feet. We wanted two inches of river rock, so we calculated that we would need to order 8 tons.

Finding a supplier for the river rock ended up being harder than we thought. We knew the big box stores sold it by the bag, but that option was far too expensive. The local hardware store sold it by the scoop. Unfortunately, they cost about as much as the bags of river rock. We ended up calling around to different rock suppliers until we got in touch with the company that actually supplies the hardware store with river rock.

We got the river rock at half the price it cost anywhere else. This let us save the customers a lot of hard earned money. After spending a day getting the property cleaned up, trimmed, and pruned, we were ready for the river rock delivery.

Brian worked an entire day single-handedly scooping the river rock into a wheelbarrow and taking it through the back fence. Luckily, Joan had put down all the landscaping fabric the day before. Placing the rock was easier than expected. Each wheelbarrow load did not stretch very far, but it was easy to spread it once it was dumped.


Joan placed the landscape paper down in preparation for river rock.



The End Result of the River Rock Chattanooga Project


This is the glorious end result of moving 8 tons of river rock!


By the end of the third day on this project, we were finally done and very happy with the results. The customers told us they had talked with many other landscapers before us about this project. Some simply said no. Others promised to do it for an outstanding price, but then they never showed up. A couple other companies quoted a price that was more than three times what we quoted. At the end of the day, the customers were happy they chose us. We rolled up our sleeves, got the hard work done, and charged a fair price.

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