Spring Lawn Care

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Brian Ray enjoying spring lawn care!

It’s spring time again! That means it’s finally time to get back to spring lawn care. After a particularly dark and dreary winter, it really feels good to be back to work. The spring is the best time to work outside. People are happy to get outdoors and soak up some sun after a cold winter spent indoors.

It’s important to remember that some things are best done before spring even arrives. Like weed prevention, tree pruning, and trimming back roses. There is a long list of items you can put down for your spring lawn care though. Mowing grass in the spring is the most obvious item, but it is also important to remember your flowerbeds too. This year, we have already helped dozens of people trim back monkey grass and shrubs and add new mulch. A fresh bed of mulch goes a long way in adding curb appeal to a house.

My wife Joan‘s favorite part of spring lawn care is that it’s not too hot yet. She is also excited because there are so many new projects that we come across each day. We have mowed grass. We have pruned back plenty of trees. Several customers have needed our help with creating new landscapes. Some people have even needed us to help them with their landscape lighting.


The Importance of Spring Lawn Care

Spring is a time of hope. Spring gives us optimism. This even carries over to spring lawn care. The grass looks best in the spring because the temperatures are not yet too hot or dry. The work we do in the spring sets us up for success the rest of the year. By getting a jump start on the weeds and growth of our yards, we are able to keep things looking nice more easily.

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