Ray Lawns Is A Local, Family-Owned Business

Our business began in the spring of 2002, when the Ray brothers, Brian and Jeff, began mowing yards in their neighborhood. Since that time, customer base has expanded and so has our knowledge, capabilities, and skill-set. The Ray’s have always taken great pride in their work, and in that regard, nothing has changed.

As time went by, and the brothers grew up, they found a way to keep the business operating. When one brother was gone, the other took the lead for Ray Lawns. Jeff Ray decided to pursue a different career path, but he still jumps in on occasion to help his brother with technical projects.

Brian Ray has been operating and managing Ray Lawns since April 2013. In the fall of 2014, Brian was blessed to marry his better half, Joan Ayuma Ray. Brian and Joan now own and operate Ray Lawns, together, full-time.

Joan Ray was born and raised in the Rift Valley of Kenya on a family farm. She has an educational background in agricultural science and human resources. Since joining Brian as a partner in the ownership of Ray Lawns in 2014, Joan has helped the business see a nine-fold increase in annual sales and revenue.

In October 2017, Joan and Brian had their first child, Harry Ray. Owning and operating Ray Lawns has been an exciting adventure for the whole family. Harry gets a thrill out of seeing all the trucks and equipment. 

Brian and Joan are proud and excited to have a healthy and energetic little guy as part of the family and team.

By the beginning of 2018, Ray Lawns had grown to a point that Brian and Joan needed to hire extra help and purchase additional trucks and equipment. In the Spring of 2019, Ray Lawns hired Brandon Herrera as a full-time office manager. Brandon has several years of experience in customer service and a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. Today, Ray Lawns has 5 full-time crews, which is plenty to keep your lawn in-check and help you explore all of the landscaping possibilities you’d like.