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Flooded Lawn? Ray Lawns Can Help

French Drain Services

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Protect Your Property! 

While a flooded lawn can seem like an alarming inconvenience in the immediate sense, the reality is that flooded landscaping can cause immense damage to your property and structures, especially if it happens regularly. 

For property owners in Chattanooga and surrounding areas, Ray Lawns offers French drain services to provide you with an accessible and unobtrusive property drainage system. To learn more about this great drainage system keep reading, and contact us today if you’re ready to get started!

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No More Flooded Lawns

From ruining your lawn to killing plants in your garden, flooded landscaping can cause a lot of serious damage. The good news is that this damage can be avoided with a properly-installed French drain system. This landscaping drainage system is highly effective and drains water from your landscaping using an underground system. For professional landscapers like the members of our team at Ray Lawns, French drains can be easily installed and then maintained following their installation. A French drain consists of a downhill-sloping trench that houses perforated piping that’s surrounded by a layer of gravel. 

Then the gravel is topped with soil and sod or landscaping stone, making the system “invisible” aboveground. And for maintenance, our team can use an electric snake to clear the pipe of debris annually to ensure there are no clogs. French drains work to optimize your property by ensuring that water isn’t pooling in and flooding your landscaping. The French drain gathers water through the perforated piping and moves it downhill towards a larger drainage outlet, removing it from your property.

Can You Install a French Drain Yourself?


Unless you’re trained in installing French drains, we don’t recommend doing it without the help of a professional. Because a French drainage system uses gravity to divert water from your property, it’s essential that it’s installed properly. Additionally , because the trench is housed underground, it’s vital that it’s planned and placed in an area where there is no underground infrastructure. 

At Ray Lawns, we offer incredible French drain installation services, as well as maintenance services. If you’re in need of effective landscaping drainage, we’re here and reade to help. 

To learn more about French drains and how they work, visit our French Drain Services page by clicking the button below.

French Drain Services

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When you work with Ray Lawns, you can be certain that you’re receiving the best. Not only will you get the best of the best when we install your French drainage system, but we’ll also do it quickly to ensure it can get to work and protect your property.

If you have any questions or would like to have us install a French drain on your property, contact us today via the contact form.

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