What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a trench that moves water away from a home to a drainage outlet in order to prevent flooding of one’s yard or foundation. The trench houses a perforated pipe that moves the water to the designated draining system. The pipe is entirely surrounded by gravel, which allows both groundwater and water from the surface to filter into the pipe.

Once the water is in the French drain, it will flow with gravity towards where the water is destined to drain. We can have your French drain divert water to a lower area away from your home, nearby streets, drainage areas like septic drain fields or drainage ditches.

How We Do It

When you need us to create a French drain for your property, we will be able to do it efficiently and expertly. We’ll start by determining where your French drain will be most effective by assessing the geography of your landscape, potential drainage outlets, and where it will be most conducive with your current landscape.

Once the location has been determined, we are able to dig the trench that will house your French drain precisely, and in a way that doesn’t impact the surrounding landscape. Then, we will line the trench with landscaping filter fabric, partially fill it with gravel, lay the pipe and fixtures, and cover it with more gravel and fabric.

Then we can add topsoil and either reseed the area to restore unbroken lawn, or we can cover the area with landscaping stones. It all depends on what you want and need!