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When Should I Install a French Drain?

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Implement a French Drain with Ray Lawns

Have you been considering a French drain, but you’re unsure of when you should install it on your property? Don’t worry — any major landscaping project is a large decision, and not just because of the money! From the intrusion on your property to seasonal restrictions, it can be difficult to grasp how exactly to execute a moderate-intensity landscaping project like implementing a French drain.

At Ray Lawns, we specialize in installing French drains, in addition to offering other landscaping services. Learn more about our services here, and keep reading for information about when you should install a French drain.

After You’ve Prepared

While this seems like a no-brainer, there are actually some aspects of a French drain that require a considerable amount of planning, even though the act of installing a French drain is a simple task for a professional landscaping company. For instance, your property needs to be inspected to determine where the drain needs to be implemented for the best results, what structures you want to divert water from, and more. Additionally, because installing a French drain requires digging into your property, you need to have an understanding of what’s under the ground, as well as clearance from the local municipal authorities to ensure digging in the desired location is allowed.

We also recommend that you work with a professional landscaping company like Ray Lawns to prepare for a French drain. As professionals who specialize in implementing French drains regularly, we can help you optimize the process of planning, dictate what can be accomplished with the budget that you have available, as well as blocking out the perfect time to execute your project.

Choosing the Right Time

Once you’ve prepared the logistics and details of installing a French drain, you will want to pick a time to have the project take place. For the most part, a French drain can be installed during any season outside of winter. That said, consider why you’re wanting a French drain, and plan the project accordingly. For instance, if spring snowmelt constantly floods your lawn or basement, have your French drain installed in the fall so your property is prepared. Or, you could plan your project for the spring to ensure you're protected throughout the season and the summer storms to come!

If you’re interested in a French drainage system for your property, contact our team today!


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