When the weekend comes around you more than likely have a set time in which you were planning on mowing the grass. After all, we are busy, and life can’t wait for you to mow your lawn. What if it has rained the night before or there is some morning dew on the grass? You don’t have another time to mow, so why wouldn’t you mow the grass at the time were planning? Well, it turns out that there are actually a lot of reasons not to. 

Joan and I have been doing this for many years and we have seen a lot of different ways in which improper lawn care could create issues for your lawn. One of the biggest ways in which it happens is usually when people try to mow the grass too soon after a rainstorm. Here are all of the reasons why this is bad and can damage the lawn in ways that are hard to fix. 

The Grass Can Bend

Grass itself is extremely flexible. This is why when you walk on it it is able to flex underneath your feet without snapping off or breaking. As strong as it is, it can not withstand the sharp blades of a lawnmower. Your lawnmower can not adjust to how it is bending though. Some of the grass may be more flexible than others allowing for it to bend down even more. If this happens, then the blade will not be able to get an even cut.

The entire point of cutting the grass is so it can be even and look great. Cutting the grass while it is bent will not allow the grass to look like it is properly maintained even if you just did so. This is why it is always best to wait when it comes to rain. If someone mentions that your lawn is looking overgrown, instead of being embarrassed about it, you can always blame it on the rain! It is always better for it to look overgrown rather than ruining your lawn. 

It Can Be Dangerous

Grass becomes extremely slippery when wet. If your lawn is at a slope or is slightly uneven it could cause you to fall and hurt yourself. You could potentially hurt your back or sprain a limb. Grass would be the least of your worries at that point because you would have to worry about how long your injury will take to heal and when you could get back to work.

It is important to note that even if the grass is relatively dry to make sure to wear proper footwear when you are mowing. A single wet spot could cause improper footwear to slip out causing a potential injury. Ensure you are wearing close-toed shoes that have traction on the bottom to avoid any issues.

Clean Cut

When you notice the grass is wet then the soil below most certainly is too. The ground being so soft can pose an easy threat to the grass because it can be pulled out with ease. That means that the blades of the lawnmower could pose a threat to the grass because instead of getting a clean cut it could simply pull the grass out. 

Even if it is not pulling the grass out, the grass is soft enough when it is wet that instead of simply getting cut, it is breaking apart from the root. When it breaks instead of being cut it can damage the grass blade enough so that it will either stop growing or it will only partially grow. If it partially grows then it will leave your grass looking uneven causing even more of a headache for your lawn care in the future. 

If the grass breaks too much in a single area then you will start to notice brown spots on your lawn that will require a lot of extra work to extract and ultimately replace. Overall, that clean cut really matters to the health and well being of your grass. It is important to take care of your grass’s health if you want it to flourish for years to come. 


Have you ever noticed how sometimes you will have clumps of grass that ended up being left on the ground? This is usually indicative that the grass was being pulled out and tangled in at a certain spot in your lawn. Normally, when you are mowing the grass, it will often leave behind some blade clippings, but they can be left there without notice. Clumping can cause bigger issues in your grass than you think.

When clumps are left in a spot it compacts the grass underneath which allows far less airflow to be able to go through the area. When there is less air, it can open the gate for the area to remain damp. The grass will then begin to grow mold that can easily lead to issues throughout your entire lawn and effect long-term damage that will cause more of a headache than you originally thought. 

Soil Impact

While your grass is obviously the most important part of your lawn to you because it is what you see, it is not always the thing that you are impacting the most when you decide to cut the grass when it is wet. The soil is the root of all the things that have to do with your grass. When you decide to cut your grass and it is wet, the soil can get impacted by the wheels of your lawnmower, as it gets compacted it does not allow proper aeration for the grass. The ground will become so packed down in areas that it will not allow the grass shoots to properly grow in the way that they should. This will leave dead spots all along the ground that you will eventually have to fix in order to have your grass growing the way that it should. 

Proper Maintenance

We understand that there is simply not enough time in the day for you to take out of your busy schedule to have proper lawn care maintenance. That is why your local landscape service in Chattanooga is here for you. When the grass is dry, we will be right there cutting it so even if you can’t touch it on the dry days, you can still come home to a beautiful lawn. We also specialize in lawn maintenance and clean up, so if you accidentally hurt your grass we can help you get it back to normal! Contact Ray Lawns today and have Joan and I’s team help you out!