From matching materials to matching the architectural aesthetic of your home, there are plenty of options when it comes to tailoring your landscape design to match your home. At Ray Lawns, we work tirelessly with each of our clients to first understand their vision. We do this before we start designing because when we have a firm understanding of who you are and what your landscaping vision is, we can bind our landscaping expertise with what you want and need from your landscape to create a truly unique and interesting space.

The owner of Ray Lawns mowing a large commercial housing lawn.Chattanooga and the surrounding areas are beautiful places to live, and the environment is something that should be experienced and enjoyed! We want you to have a landscape that you’ll enjoy and, most importantly, use! Hate dealing with bugs? We can design a landscape with pest prevention in mind. Love water and water features? We can implement a centerpiece pond, or even small running water fixtures. The list goes on and on — in fact, there is very little that Ray Lawns can’t do!

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