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You don’t live in Tennessee if you hate nature. The stark contrast of grey, overcast skies with powerfully green foliage that surrounds every road, home and park in this fair state is a constant reminder to get outdoors. It’s not meant for folks who don’t love the smell of moist earth, the press of trees on either side of them and the overall feeling of being enveloped in nature. Thus, it’s no surprise that businesses and homeowners alike put an emphasis on the appearance of their landscaping. Taming that beautiful and wild foliage that make our home state so lush and beautiful is just the start of a good landscaping plan.

Why People Invest In Landscaping

A proper landscape architect will be able to transform your yard or the natural elements around your home or business into a stunning representation of the respect your establishment or home demands. Being a proper landscape architect company, we can tell the difference between the hodge-podge, thrown together yards and the sort that look like every stone and sapling has a reason that adds to the overall aesthetic of the property.

People invest in a landscape architect for the same reasons that they invest in an architect for their home. They want rhyme and reason to dictate the design of the place they’re inhabiting. They want a thought out design that adds to the overall theme and appeal of the property.

Thinking of investing in landscaping services? Allow us to defend our value to you.

Your Landscaping Will Be Designed Based On Logic, Rather Than Whim

You can read all about the origins of Ray Lawns and how we’ve managed to come so far in such a short amount of time. But the meat and potatoes of the matter is that our landscape architects are experienced not only in manipulating raw earth, but also in manipulating the design of raw earth and plants to have high yield growing seasons. When the average man steps into the gardening section of Home Depot or Lowes, he has no idea how to craft a retaining wall that allows drainage between different stages of his raised platform. He doesn’t know how to water only one tier of your landscaping and allow it to irrigate naturally throughout the rest of the landscape. Our background in advanced agricultural applications, especially in harsh weather with less forgiving conditions than Tennesses’s own, allows us to work on the plan for your landscaping endeavors in a more completely furnished fashion.

Every landscaping design we create is built on the idea of using less water for more plants. We can organize your yard in such a fashion that each plant can benefit from trickle down nutrients and overall less watering needs. We’ll be able to create flexible ground coverings and pavings that allow for deep-seated tree roots to traverse underneath without any issue. Our landscaping is timeless and easily updatable for these same reasons. You won’t have to adjust or change it, despite the ever shifting and moving character of Mother Nature herself, because your landscaping will be naturally adaptable.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

You may not pay attention as regularly as we do, but at a glance, you can certainly tell who invested in a real landscaper and who on your block didn't. Real landscapers make the most of every block in a wall and every blade of grass in your yard. The willy-nilly DIY landscaper cannot measure up to the superior design that is better at preserving resources and standing the test of time. When you’re shopping for a home or you’re looking into purchasing a brand new commercial building, you’ll notice these details.

Proper landscaping adds exponentially to a property’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to add to the value of your property in any regard, curb appeal is almost always the first place to start. There’s a reason that so many people advise those trying to sell their home to invest in a new garage door as it greatly improves the facade of the home. Landscaping can accomplish this on a much more grand effect. While a new garage door is certainly a perk, a landscape all around the house that children can safely play in and looks beautiful enough to sit and read a book in is even more attractive. By making the outdoor area around your house more liveable, you’re essentially adding more available living space and square footage to your property. For many, the outdoors is their favorite room. Making that accessible at home can be nothing but a boon.

Get The Most Of Native Plants That Will Thrive With Low Maintenance

Since landscapers think of the outdoors as a self-contained system, they work by tying the open ends of your yard into a more concise system. In the end, the landscape architecture of your yard should function like a circle, each plant relying on each fixture in your garden to live, grow and seed each year. That means that, as a system, it should function without much outside manipulation. A landscaping service works to make your yard low maintenance. The idea is to preserve more time for you to spend actually enjoying your yard, rather than maintaining it. Your landscapers will accomplish this mainly by installing native plants that thrive in our climate and with each other.

Native plants allow the butterflies and bumblebees in our community to flourish because the plants are familiar and reliable food sources for these necessary parts of the ecosystem. Native plants also reduce water costs and other upkeep costs because they’ve already adapted to the environment you’re inserting them in. Your landscape architect will also be able to strategically place certain plants around your yard that will thrive, depending on the amount of sunlight they’ll be getting and natural watering. Most notably, when you request a non-native plant, professional landscapers will be able to put plants and fixtures around it that make it easier for you to support it. They’ll also be able to design more opportune areas to place trees and shrubs that will bring down your energy costs and make your landscaping really grow and develop in a way that not only will make the yard look attractive, but will also make your standard of living noticeably better.

Your Landscape Will Be Adaptable

The land moves; it shifts over time. And while you won’t notice it immediately, if you get bad landscaping done, when the earth shifts, the yard will too, and it won’t stay so neat and tidy looking for long. Expert landscaping services help you avoid this though with more clever yard fixtures. The paths and pavements they lay will be permeable, so the water will be able to transfer through and into the ground without breaking any seals and corrupting the structural integrity of the path or the patio. The land itself will also be built up in a way that positions plants and other obstacles around so that when the earth does shift, it doesn’t shift much, and it won’t move the main attractions around the yard. The landmarks around your yard will also be placed in a way that cater to the shifting of the land as well as where to most creatively and effectively catch rain water and let it distribute naturally throughout the ground.

Invest In A Landscape You Love

Don’t settle for less. Access a landscape that you adore and fall in love with your home or property all over again with a fresh room to inhabit: the great outdoors.

Start getting the wilderness in your yard tamed and neat looking today.
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