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Privacy Tree Services


Enjoy Your Backyard

Is there anything better than a spacious backyard where you can put your toes in the grass and enjoy some fresh air? Yes, actually — a spacious private backyard is! However, it can be difficult to decide what method you should use to create a private outdoor space for your home. While there are many different privacy options to choose from, one of our highly-recommended and most sought after services at Ray Lawns is our privacy tree service! Join us as we explain the benefits of privacy trees, the options you have to choose from, and the services you can get from your local landscaping experts.

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Popular Privacy Tree Options Include:

  • Leyland Cypress
  • Thuja Emerald Green Arborvitae
  • Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae
  • Nellie Stevens Holly
  • American Holly
  • Blue Ice Arizona Cypress
  • Blue Point Juniper

Creates A Private Outdoor Setting

Adds A Natural Border To Your Landscape

Requires Little Maintenance

Is Sustainable
And Eco-Friendly

Why Consider Privacy Trees?

Privacy trees are barriers made from trees and sometimes shrubs that enclose a space and restrict visual access into your property. As you can see above, there are a number of fabulous benefits to adding privacy trees to your property! That said, let’s take a look at these benefits in a bit more detail.

Creating A Private Outdoor Setting

Chances are, if you’re reading this page, you’re already looking for a way to make your yard a more-private space for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Sure, a privacy fence can get the job done, but not like privacy trees can!

With privacy trees you get so many more options than a solid privacy fence or a slotted privacy fence. Instead, you get to pick the specific tree you want to create your privacy boundary! While we’ll dive into the options you have in detail below (and you can reference some plant types in our list above), it’s important to know that you have a variety of sizes, shapes, heights, growth speeds, and overall appearances to choose from!

So not only can you get the privacy you want and deserve, but you can create a multi-faceted landscaping feature that performs its intended function perfectly while producing a visual statement that’s in line with your property’s aesthetic.

Adding A Natural Border To Your Landscape

One of the most amazing things about privacy trees is that they create a private oasis that puts mother nature at the forefront of your landscape design! When you have living trees creating a border around your yard or property, it can truly transport you to a relaxing, natural place. And the best part? It’s all yours!

Plus, when you have privacy trees encasing your property, it creates an elegant, established appearance that skyrockets curb appeal and even your home’s value!

Requiring Little Maintenance

Fences, by nature, don’t grow or progress over the course of their lifetime. Instead, they slowly deteriorate in the face of the elements and wear and tear. Privacy trees, on the other hand, continue to grow and thrive, cementing themselves as a part of your personal landscape, and even the overall landscape of your community!

Because of this, they don't require the level of upkeep that you’d need to expect with privacy fencing! When it comes to privacy tree maintenance, your job is simple. More often than not, you just need to let nature do its thing, occasionally having your trees trimmed or pruned when necessary. Or, if we’re experiencing a particularly dry and harsh summer in the Chattanooga area, you may need to nourish your privacy trees with a cool drink of water. But outside of that, they require little to no maintenance!

That said, if a privacy tree ever experiences significant storm damage or becomes unhealthy, your landscaping experts at Ray Lawns are always here and ready to get them happy and healthy once again.

Making An Eco-Friendly Property

It never hurts to consider how you can have a more positive impact on the environment, whether that’s at large or even just in your backyard! And when you take on a privacy tree project, you’re making an eco-friendly decision that helps your property and the earth!

Most obviously, with privacy trees, you’re getting a series of living vegetation that takes root in your backyard and works its magic! From cleaning the air to creating spaces for the local wildlife to find some shelter, you are adding a valuable asset to the ecosystem that is your landscape!

However, an eco-friendly benefit you may not have thought of is that privacy trees don’t require fabricated materials to do their job. Where privacy fencing requires wood or vinyl material to create your barrier, privacy trees create a natural barrier that doesn’t require any manufacturing to make. Thus, it’s sustainable on your property, and it doesn’t add any emissions from an industrial fabrication process!

Privacy Tree Options

Interestingly enough, privacy tree boundaries have more options than just the type of tree you choose to plant! In this section, we’ll explain the different planting techniques we can implement when providing you a privacy tree boundary, and we’ll cover the options for the trees we can plant!

Planting Patterns

When it comes to planting privacy trees, you have three styles of planting options — row planting, multi-row planting, and cluster planting.

Single Row Planting

Row planting is just as it sounds. You have one straight row of privacy trees that create a visual barrier on the boundary of your landscape. The catch is that with single row privacy trees, you need a consistent, flat stretch to plant them to create the most-effective visual barrier. That said, if it’s an option, the single row planting method uses space the most efficiently and requires fewer trees (or shrubs) than other methods. While you may not have complete privacy off the bat with a single row of privacy trees, as the trees grow, they’ll close gaps and make a private space.

Multi-Rowed Planting

Next, we have multi-row planting, which simply have two or even three straight rows of privacy trees that are staggered to eliminate any sightlines. This requires more trees and space than a single row, but it will offer immediate privacy.

Cluster Planting

Finally, you can have a cluster planting method! Instead of using straight rows, the cluster method arranges trees in what could be called a zig-zag pattern, which closes any sightlines from the moment they’re planted and uses fewer trees than a multi-row method. Another benefit of the cluster style is that it offers a more organic appearance than a manicured, straight line of privacy trees. However, beyond the number of trees, choosing a planting style is determined by preference and your landscape.

Plant Options

Now, let's discuss a few plant options you can choose from when adding privacy trees to your property.

Leyland Cypress

One of our personal favorites when it comes to privacy trees is the Leyland Cypress. For one, this plant can grow to a total height of 50 feet, making it one of the tallest options you can have — there’s just something awe-inspiring about a border of towering evergreen trees that encapsulate you in your own personal natural area! Plus, they’re super hearty trees that grow fast (around three to five feet per year) and thrive easily.

Thuja Emerald Green Arborvitae

This option only grows to a height of about 15 feet and a width of four feet. That said, it’s a hearty plant that does well in our environment while looking lush and beautiful. While it’s not the tallest option available, it does its job well, needs little to no maintenance, and can be used in a variety of creative ways.

Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae

Unlike the Emerald Green plant it’s related to, Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae is one of the taller privacy trees you can enjoy! With a similar heartiness and appearance to it’s cousin, this variety of privacy tree can max out at a height between 50 and 60 feet and a width between 20 and 30 feet, making it true to its name. This green giant will add a vast, magical-looking privacy boundary to your property that will only continue to get more impressive as the years go by.

Nellie Stevens Holly

This holly plant is an evergreen tree that boasts a great shape in size! Clocking in around a total possible height of 50 feet and a width of 20 feet, it makes a perfect privacy tree!

American Holly

This holly is native to North America, and when the seasons change and get colder they grow the iconic red holly berries we associate with the holiday season! Like the Nellie Stevens Holly, this holly plant can reach a height of 50 feet and a width of 20 feet.

Blue Ice Arizona Cypress

This is one of (in our opinion) the most aesthetically unique privacy trees. With a unique, bluish bark and gorgeous silvery-green needles, these cypress trees make a statement! Plus, it clocks in at a respectable mature size between 40-50 feet tall and 20-30 feet wide.

Blue Point Juniper

Finally, the Blue Point Juniper is a great, hearty evergreen that provides a nice medium height of 12 feet!

At the end of the day, the experts at Ray Lawns can help you determine what type of privacy tree is best for your property, budget, and overall vision. Plus, we can walk you through the different planting methods so you have a full understanding of how they’d work with your property.

At Ray Lawns, we simply want to make you landscape exactly how you want it to be. When it comes to our privacy tree services, you can expect nothing short of the best, as we’ll work with you every step of the way to get the perfect privacy tree system implemented at your property. What’s more, we’re always available to maintain and assist you with your privacy trees — we care about our clients and always do everything in our power to best serve you.

Learn More About Privacy Tree Services

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