1. Why You Shouldn’t Mow Your Lawn Immediately After It Rains

    When the weekend comes around you more than likely have a set time in which you were planning on mowing the grass. After all, we are busy, and life can’t wait for you to mow your lawn. What if it has rained the night before or there is some morning dew on the grass? You don’t have another time to mow, so why wouldn’t you mow the grass at the time were planning? Well, it turns out that there …Read More

  2. The Basic Principles of Landscaping Design – Part 2

    In our previous blog, we explored the most basic principles of design needed to create an orderly and beautiful landscape design. As landscapers, we specialize in crafting unique, stunning landscapes that work self-sufficiently. We’re passionate about designing an outdoor environment for you that you won’t just like to look at, you’ll love to go out and be a part of! To create something you…Read More

  3. The Basic Principles of Landscaping Design

    When you finally get the urge to tame the wilderness of your yard and start making a living space out of the natural area around your home, you’ll need to hold a couple basic design principles in mind. As landscape designers, we always have plenty of ideas about how to make your yard look neat, manicured and outfitted with stunning foliage, but it couldn’t hurt to point us in the right directi…Read More