Ray Lawns is happy to provide bush and hedge trimming services in Ooltewah and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience with this. We have grown better and more talented at shaping hedges over time. We guarantee all our work. We are insured, licensed, and accredited by the BBB of Chattanooga.

Bush Trimming

Bush trimming is work we enjoy. Commercial equipment and years of experience help us do the best possible work on our landscaping jobs. As Joan can tell you, bush trimming is an art. We take our time with this service to ensure it is done correctly. We are perfectionists with every aspect of our work. When it comes to hedge and bush trimming, we are especially careful. Unless instructed otherwise, we go with the motto that too little trimming is better than too much. This is especially true when it comes to bush trimming. We can always go back and trim more. Unfortunately, we do not have the power to add clippings back to the hedges we trim.

When Should Bushes and Hedges Be Trimmed?

We strongly recommend that bushes get trimmed in the fall and winter. After the first frost, the chance of bacterial and fungal infections is much lower. This allows us to trim as much as possible without harming the bushes.

The exception to this is normal maintenance. We can trim bushes during the spring and summer if we are only clipping back new growth. The less we take during the hot times of the year, the better.

What Bush Trimming Equipment Do We Use?

Ray Lawns only uses the best commercial equipment. We use a heavy duty commercial hedge trimmer. It is very sharp, powerful, and it has a long bar. This allows us to tackle even the heaviest jobs. We even have a large commercial chain saw. This comes in handy when it comes to trimming and pruning stems, branches and trunks that are larger than two inches in diameter.