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Directional Boring / Can You Drill Under A Driveway?

We all grow accustomed to everyday utilities that wouldn’t work if it weren’t for all of the complex underground boring methods set up beforehand. But when the time comes for an underground installation of your new lighting or sprinkler system, it’s important to know how proper directional drilling is done for a driveway. Ray Lawns has the inside information on proper directional boring, visit our website today to see all of our great services.  

Overcoming Sidewalk Obstacles via Directional Drilling

It’s best to not tamper or destroy any sidewalk — trust us! Thankfully there are trench digging methods to work through these obstacles during a boring project. Initiate the trench digging until stopped by the sidewalk. Then dig out an area of approximately eight inches on the opposite side of the sidewalk that goes a bit lower to provide room to bore a steel pipe at a downward angle. 

Proper Pipe Connections 

Items such as a garden hose can easily be connected to the steel pipes installed underground during a boring project. Just make sure that the steel pipe is a minimum of six inches longer than the obstacle you’re trying to bore under. Drilling under a driveway correctly will allow you to extend pipes completely underneath sidewalks while maintaining function.

Working Around Electricity

If there’s any time to make sure you have professional help involved with horizontal directional drilling, it’s when electrical wiring is involved at any capacity. Always make sure that your pipes are using electrical or duct tape with a piece of conduit approximately one foot longer than the sidewalk/obstacle (six inches on both sides).

Required Back-fill

Always remember that back-filling below the two-inch pipe will be required after any boring-related job. Any obstacle that becomes too wide for a standard procedure will require hiring for the use of a horizontal boring machine. 

Directional boring is essential for the development of essential home services. From assistance to doing the full job ourselves, Ray Lawns is here to help in the best possible way. Let us know about all of your landscaping needs, contact us and get a quote today!

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