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French Drains / Dangers of Poor Water Drainage

Sadly, we can’t control the weather. But what we can control is how we adapt and prepare for any forecast that comes across our landscapes. As great as rain is for our lawns, too much without a proper drainage system can severely damage years of accumulated work. Ray Lawns is here to warn you about the dangers of poor water drainage and what you can do to install an effective one like a french drain system.

Damage to Concrete and Asphalt

Heavy rainfall can easily wash off the cement surrounding your home. Even if it doesn’t reach that severity, the gradual erosion will reduce the durability of your pavement. While these structures can be repaired, avoiding major damage in the first place via installing a french drain system will help circumvent the costs of major repairs down the line.

Foundation and Structural Damage

Expanded soil from heavy rainfall will begin to accumulate and undermine your foundation without a proper drainage system. Early signs include cracks in the walls and floors of your basement as well as a signature murky odor. 

Overflowing Gutters

Always make sure that your gutters are in good condition. Without proper drainage, your roof will start taking damage from each heavy storm. Ceilings, walls, and the general structural integrity of your home will start to deteriorate in condition if your gutters are left unchecked.


Basement Water Stains

Efflorescence stains on your basement walls are something to avoid at all costs. Salt compounds from runoff water love to accumulate in your basement and stick around for as long as possible. Thankfully there are proper french drain installation services near you that can prevent this as quickly as possible.

Ray Lawns is keenly aware of these signs and can provide the best drainage system solutions for you. Our french drain systems are designed to collect from the heaviest rainfalls and prevent damage from your foundation. Visit our website and get a quote today.

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