Mulch is a great addition to landscapes. Ray Lawns provides a full mulch service. We can order any mulch you need, deliver it, and install it. We are a full service lawn care and landscaping company. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our years of experience and knowledge of the green industry are our strongest assets.

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Mulch Service Tips – How to Install Mulch

The first step in any mulch installation project is measuring the dimensions. We can usually tell how much mulch is needed for a project just by looking. We still break out the tape measure for every project though. We are very careful when we measure. Ordering too little will waste time. Ordering too much will waste money.

After measuring the square footage of the area, we have to decide how deep to install the mulch. Our personal philosophy for mulch service is that too thick is better than too thin. For an area that has never been mulched, we recommend two to three inches. For help in calculating, try this online mulch calculator.

The second step is deciding what type of mulch to order, and where to purchase it. For smaller jobs, we strongly recommend Scott’s bagged mulch. This is the best quality of mulch. It never produces weeds. It never contains construction debris. It holds color for a long time. For larger jobs, we order mulch by the yard and have it delivered. We have done business with most of the mulch companies in Chattanooga and Ooltewah. We always get the best quality of mulch for the best price. This saves money and allows for a great looking landscape.

The third step in mulch installation is spreading the mulch. This isn’t especially hard at first. Be careful about how much you choose to do at a time if you opt to do it yourself. If you’re not used to the weight of mulch, your back will likely hurt the next day. Actually spreading the mulch requires a lot of work.

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The final step in installing mulch is raking it smooth and packing it down. Mulch that packs well is preferable. This makes it less likely for the mulch to get washed away.

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