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The Basics of Directional Boring

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The classic trenchless digging method, aka boring, is an effective method of drilling that can create the exact underlying foundation you need. Ray Lawns is here to give the inside scoop about the basics of directional boring and why it’s such an effective method for construction work. Visit our website today to see all of our great drilling and landscape services.   

Strengths Over Digging

The boring process offers minimal landscaping disruption compared to digging. The capabilities of directional boring rigs allow for the easy positioning of drilling rods that help install underground utilities effectively.

Steering and Changing Directions

Modern drill heads are well equipped for directional flexibility thanks to the ability to produce radio signals that allow people above ground to properly guide them. Common cutting heads are used to travel through the soil while being readily able to shift directions when needed. Other horizontal directional drilling methods like bent end pipes and directional high-pressure water spray are also viable for changing directions.

Drilling and Pulling

Drilling pipes come in all sorts of lengths and widths that are made for different sized jobs and machines. The pipes are made to withstand high amounts of rotation while they twist and push their way through the soil. Water can be delivered through the pipes to cool down drilling machines being used. After drilling, back reamers are used to help with pulling the line or conduit that was just used.

Options in Machinery

Remote and self-contained units are options that cover all kinds of directional drilling jobs well. Remote rigs are often powered by hydraulic pressure from separate sources while being built to work remotely with truck beds and trailers. Self-contained units take less time to be set up and are more flexible in tighter areas of use. The coverage from these two types of units allows efficient directional drilling to be done almost anywhere.

Have your next project do less damage to a yard with proper directional boring.

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