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Why Did My French Drain Clog?

A French drain is a trench that moves water away from a home to a drainage outlet to prevent flooding of one’s yard or foundation. A French drain is a great solution for a wet basement or below-grade space, but, just like any other type of drain, French drains are susceptible to clogging. Soil and debris tend to build up inside the pipes, eventually stopping water from flowing. Keep reading as Ray Lawns outlines the main reasons your French drain can clog.

moist earth

Moist Earth and Soil

The most common source of functionality issues surrounding French drains is simply unearthed soil and ground that is loosened by rain and wet storms. Residential directional boring and drilling allow Ray Lawns to create and repair quality French drains for all of greater Chattanooga.

french drain

Extraneous Debris

Heavy rain and storms can break tree branches and create other debris that can cause blockages in your exterior drains. French drains are not overtly visible and are susceptible to sediment, shrubbery, and other debris, creating congestion that can lead to further damage. Sticks, animal waste, and extraneous objects can all become persistent problems and prevent proper drainage for your home.

french drain

Compromised Exiting Point

Better out than in! Having a French drain is an excellent solution for moving water away from your home and areas where you need to prevent pooling, but if it can’t escape effectively, you have a problem. Problems with your drainage exit can develop long-term build-up, creating long-term problems.

flooded basement

Indicators of a Clogged French Drain

If you have a current French drain, standing water and basement flooding are two major signs that you may have an issue with your system. When your drainage system’s effectiveness is compromised, it is important to fix the problem before more major concerns arise.

Our team brings expertise and local, family-owned Tennessee values to every job. Whether you need a repair or major installation, Ray Lawns treats you like family, even if your drain is French! All jokes aside, clogs and blockages can occur with even the most efficient drainage systems. Call or visit us online to get a quote today!

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